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Bones Bushings Hard White Skateboard Full Set

Bones Bushings Hard White Skateboard Full Set


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From the oldest and largest skate companies around comes the Bones Bushings. These babies are by far the best bushings going around at the moment and you notice this as soon as you swap them over and start skating them. With no break in period these will make your skating more fluid and smooth from the first push.


Watch the below clips to catch up all all the features and how to install them into your existing trucks.

In 1978 two men that go by the name of George Powell and Stacy Peralta unknowingly created one of the most revolutionary skate brands of all time, which included the most popular skateboarders of the era. The two immediately began redesigning how skateboard products were made and marketed to the community. Powell’s first breakthrough was when George was producing products in his garage and kitchen oven, the first innovative product he made was the double radial Bones wheel, which was a huge trend at the time. Powell put a lot of the era's top competitors onto their company, which at the time Stacey never wanted to call them a “team” because he thought it was a label that invited all kinds of jock baggage, so instead labelled them the “Bones Brigade”. By 1984, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill had compiled the most dominant skateboard team in history and were creating new ways to skate and pioneering the modern age of skateboarding. In 1981 skateboarding was on a downward spiral with sales lower then ever so to increase brand awareness and grow skateboarding itself Powell was spitting out a new skateboard video every year. By the mid 80’s these videos were being sold all over the world and the company was raking in money from their yearly sales and made the Bones Brigade into international stars. Twenty years on the company and the brigade all remain in skateboarding, the video ‘The Search for Animal Chin’ remains the most successful skateboarding video of all time and the producing more products and providing the skate industry with more quality goods then ever.

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