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Creature Calender Babes Black Tee Skateboard

Creature Calender Babes Black Tee Skateboard

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Creature was born on January 1 in 1990 and the creature was born indeed. Known for being the most evil and grungiest skateboard company in the industry you will not be disappointed if you are looking for just that. The typical graphics you will find on their products will be skeletons, devils, dragons, snakes and who can complain about the half naked girls or mostly known as the creature babes. Most decks have an eerie green colour to maintain the creature vibe that it’s most notoriously known for. When it comes down to it, Creature skateboard products are manufactured from the finest materials and the quality is like none other now that’s a huge guarantee. The creature skate team is almost as eerie as the brand itself with names such as: Darren Navarrette, Al Partanen, David Gravette, Sam Hitz, Neil Heddings, Taylor Bingaman, Stu Graham, Adrian Mallory, Willis Kimbel, Alex Horn, Sean Conover, Devin Appelo, Silent Mike and of course Ryan Reyes. Creature products may have a very creepy vibe to them but that’s exactly why they are so popular because the people that like the products wouldn’t have it any other way!

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