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Deathlens VX1000 USB 16GB

Deathlens VX1000 USB 16GB


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Death-Lens have been making attachable fish eye and wide-angle lenses for quite some time. It’s the idea of being able to quickly attach the lens onto your case that comes with the product and be ready to film within seconds. From taking sick pictures close up or filming those much needed video clips of your sick lines!
Death lens has a sick team of skateboarders representing the product such as Theotis Beasley, Daniel Lutheran, Don Nguyen, Cyril Jackson, Bryan Herman, Kevin Romar, Lizard King, Dee Ostrander, Pat Rumney and some other huge names on their very own snowboarding professional team. If your looking for a lens to fit everything in on your shots make sure you choose death-lens, they have all models and types of lenses for every make of iPhone. This is definitely the company to look for when seeking a fisheye or wide-angle lens for you iPhone and taking your footage to the next level!
Check out this sick clip made with the iPhone plus death lens.

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