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Dgk Media Case Black Skateboard Accessory

Dgk Media Case Black Skateboard Accessory


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DGK or Dirty Ghetto Kids is an American based skateboarding company founded by professional skateboarder Stevie Williams and Troy Morgan. The brand has a very unique Ghetto image and has a strong image of a Gangstar life and Gangstar skateboarding. To wear anything DGK the person has to have some Gangstar or Ghetto image to properly pull it off.

The professional skate boarding team features:

  • Stevie Williams
  • Josh Kalis
  • Wade Desarmo
  • Marcus McBride
  • Rodrigo Tx
  • Lenny Rivas
  • Jack Curtin
  • Keelan Dadd
  • Boo Johnson
  • Marquise Henry
  • Get the know the DGK skate team below

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